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    July 13th Newsletter>>

    It was Changeover at Lori’s. Irving did the honors with these comments: “All organizations have their stories and those who personify their ethos and culture. I want to tell you about Jim Houck..... Jim was an amazing guy. He was blue collar and became an alcoholic in his teen years by drinking mead his mother made for him. He got on the wagon early on through the Oxford Group, founded in England. He spoke to AA groups around the world until shortly before he died. He intervened as an individual with no group identification in conflict on the Baltimore docks and helped enable their desegregation. He, of course, is the father of our Four-Way Test contest program in the schools, the first in the District and one of the first in the country. Jim Houck is the leadership model for all of us. It is never too late to begin. In essence he started his civic leadership role at age 65. Rotary was the center of his life. So my charge to the new officers is simple: live up to Jim Houck’s role model. You are installed!!!” Tim did an awesome job with the food. Gifts and thank you’s were distributed. Irving "roasted" Lori and talked about the historical significance of our Club. Lynne spoke about bringing the 1.

    Club and its "work" back to the Hunt Valley community and declared the 3rd meeting in each February James Houck Day. Donna May was made an honorary member of the club. Hunt Valley Rotary’s Officers/Directors for the year 2016-2017 are listed on the right.

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    June 29th Newsletter>>

    The Towson 4th of July parade event is upon us!  Towsontowne Rotary will have a large float and we have the opportunity to march along with it and can hand out items.  Lynne ordered a couple hundred patriotic-themed small toys to hand out along with a small banner and some streamers for us to wave.  We should be pushing the Wheel to Heal so if we can put together a couple small pushcarts with our theme, it would be awesome!    It’s a parade, so think outrageous.  Anything we can do to draw attention to ourselves is desired.  Big headdresses very much welcomed.  Bring your whole family!  We will walk along the route and hand out toys with our website attached.  When the parade stalls, as they always do, we will talk up our event with everyone who is along the route.  We will have water to hand out along with the toys.  If you’ve never done a parade before, you will love this!  If you are able to participate in promoting Rotary by riding on the float or walking beside it, be at Towsontowne Blvd. between Bosley and Osler in Towson at 10 a.m. as the parade starts at 10:30 a.m. sharp.  Parade will be over at 11:30 a.m. so you should not have any problem getting home to prepare for that cookout or getting to the 4th of July party.   You can find the float  by looking for Division 1 Unity Number 19 or look for the gigantic Rotary Wheel that should stand out from the crowd.   Keep in mind you can park in the Library Garage or the Towson University Garage and walk over to Towsontowne Blvd where the floats are lining up between Bosley and Osler.  Please join us--bring the kids! 

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    THIS WEEK’S MEETING: It was a pleasure to meet Charlie Cannon, Lynne’s cousin and a junior at Calvert Hall. Charlie was one or our RYLA students this year. He shared the weekend with Michael Greenspan from Hereford, but apparently no one remembered to ask Michael to visit the club today.  Charlie told us about his experiences at RYLA, made especially memorable as it coincided with our huge winter blizzard, February 13-15. 

    The Rotary International District 7620 RYLA program is an intense 3 day, 2 night leadership training program that is designed to recognize, encourage and further develop the leadership skills of 11th and 12th grade high school students who have shown a potential for rendering important service to their schools and communities. More than 150 high school students attend RYLA at the 4-H Conference Center in Chevy Chase every year, sponsored by area Rotary Clubs. The 3 days and 2 nights Include: speakers, low ropes, flag presentation, talent show, mascot presentation, work sessions, sharefair & service project, presentation, Funny Wig/Hat/Hair. 

    Charlie talked about the inspirational speakers, the team building and leadership training. Each team was charged with developing a charitable project and presenting it to the entire group. Charlie’s team worked on making 3-D printed prosthetic limbs for disabled veterans and took second place in the competition. He said that many of the project ideas were amazing. Charlie has his own lawn cutting business and is working this summer with his mother at Loyola University where she is Project Manager/Technology Trainer.

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